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Welcome to Atlas Equipment Company, Inc.

Atlas Equipment Company is a leading manufacturer of heavy duty and severe duty pumps. Our pumps are manufactured to the finest standards, ensuring long life and ease of operation. Atlas manufactures a select line of pumps including:

  • BattleMountain Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps, which are designed for long life, efficient operation, and ease of maintenance, resluting in a lower total cost of operation.
  • BattleMountain VC and VCR Cantilever Pumps are engineered to handle tough pumping jobs with low maintenance costs through out the life of the pump - higher performance means improved efficiencies for lower operating costs.
  • Iron Mountain Severe Duty Slurry Pumps are designed to handle severe slurries. Our pumps are so tough, they can handle capacities through 9000 GPM (2045 m3/hr), heads to 350 feet (108m) and 950 BHP, and temperatures to 180 F (70 C)

For more information on any of our equipment lines, please contact us today at 866-808-2950.